The princely asking price for a palatial Bel Air mansion has made it the most expensive listing in the United States.

The 38,000-square-foot California home, situated on a 1.08-acre lot, has been put on the market for $250 million. It features 12 bedrooms—including two luxury suites and 10 oversized VIP guest suites—as well as 21 bathrooms. The home’s footprint is further enhanced by 17,000 square feet of entertainment decks and a variety of included bonuses, including vehicle and art collections.

The property at 924 Bel Air Road is the brainchild of luxury developer Bruce Makowsky. It was created on spec, meaning the newly constructed home was built to go on the market rather than designed with a buyer already lined up.

On the website for the property, Makowsky says he discovered that wealthy buyers were willing to pay high prices for yachts and jets that they only used on certain occasions. He decided to start building high-end homes to allow these people to enjoy that same level of luxury in their primary residence.

Makowsky built a similar property in 2014, listing a 23,000-square-foot eight bedroom, 15 bathroom mansion in Beverly Hills for $85 million. Like the Bel Air residence, the Beverly Hills home came with a number of amenities including a wine room fully stocked with 2,500 bottles. The property sold within months to Markus Persson, creator of the popular video game “Minecraft,” for $70 million.

According to the National Association of Realtors, the Bel Air mansion was built over four years and required 250 workers to complete. The property is being listed by the luxury brokerage Williams & Williams Estates.

The home includes three gourmet kitchens, five bars, a fitness center, a massage studio and spa, a four-lane bowling alley, and a 40-seat 4K Dolby Atmos Theater. It is outfitted with what the listing describes as “the most advanced home tech system in the world.”

An 85-foot glass tile infinity swimming pool is located outside the home, with a pop-up movie theater allowing buyers to enjoy films while relaxing in the water. There are also several outdoor decks looking out over the surrounding landscape, which includes a 270-degree panorama with views to the Los Angeles skyline and Pacific Ocean.

The home is fully outfitted, and the buyer will receive a number of bonus items with the property. These include a collection of 12 rare automobiles valued at $30 million, a separate collection of 10 motorcycles, a decommissioned helicopter on a rooftop pad, more than 100 curated art installations, two fully stocked wine cellars, and a game room with glass candy dispensers. Seven full-time staffers will also be available upon purchase.

The listing on Williams & Williams Estates says buyers will be required to purchase the property with cash. Had financing been allowed, the National Association of Realtors calculates that a 20 percent down payment on the estate would require $50 million up front and nearly $1.3 million a month over the course of a conventional 30-year fixed rate mortgage.

According to Forbes, the Bel Air listing exceeded the priciest homes on the market by $50 million or more. The Manor, the Los Angeles mansion that was once the home of TV producer Aaron Spelling, has an asking price of $200 million. The Playboy Mansion in Holmby Hills, Calif., also went on the market for $200 million but sold for half that price. The third most expensive listing in the United States is a $195 million mansion in Manalapan, Florida.


Courtesy of: The Day Marketing