Beverly Hills, CA is showing how its city is the authority on luxury through a digital campaign spearheaded by local tastemakers.

Launched by the Beverly Hills Conference & Visitors Bureau and created by Yes Design Group, “The Definition of Luxury” campaign works to show the city’s competitive edge among other destinations associated with luxury and an affluent lifestyle. The campaign’s mission will be achieved by a combination of social media, video content and a limited-edition coffee table book highlighting the featured influencers and Beverly Hills’ beauty.


“Beverly Hills has become the iconic destination it is today because of the incredible designers, creatives, architects, chefs and innovators from our storied past, which spans more than 100 years,” said Julie Wagner, CEO of the Beverly Hills Conference & Visitors Bureau, Beverly Hills, CA.

“The tastemakers tapped for this [campaign] represent top talent in the fields that represent the majority of content found in Beverly Hills,” she said. “They also have a great connection to the destination, making them experts not only in their area of expertise, but in what defines Beverly Hills and what luxury means today as well as tomorrow as indicated in our Future of Luxury global trends report.”

Influencers’ shared influences
The Definition of Luxury concentrates on the selected celebrity tastemakers and their personal thoughts on luxury and the lure of Beverly Hills.

In its opening, the BHCVB gives an overview of Beverly Hills, saying that “few cities are so uniquely remarkable that you can’t help falling in love with them. Places filled with experiences so exceptional you leave inspired, rejuvenated and wanting more. Though many cities may come to mind, only one stands apart from the rest when it comes to being the authority on luxury. That city is undoubtedly Beverly Hills.”

Included in its “The Future of Luxury” report, which offers insights on the behavior of high-net-worth individuals and city-based concentrations of wealth, the BHCVB noted that while ranking twentieth, with only 969 UHNW residents, Beverly Hills has the highest concentration of wealth to scale, when compared to other international cities such as New York, London and Tokyo.

For instance, of California’s 92 billionaires, 27 live in Los Angeles County, and nearly a third of those reside in Beverly Hills. Likewise, Beverly Hills’ population is 34,658, only 0.1 percent of California’s total, creating a substantial pocket of wealth