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Ultra-Luxury Spec Homes Gaining in Property

In the top United States markets, spec homes, meaning the ones built by developers without a specific buyer in mind, have become increasingly popular in recent years, especially at the highest levels of the market. “If you would have told me five years ago that there would be a Hamptons spec house listed at $40

It’s in the Numbers: Luck and Superstition Sell Luxury Real Estate

  Last week, a Chinese developer bought an office building in Sydney’s Central Business District for an auspicious price: A$88,888,888. Because the number 8 is considered lucky in Chinese culture (it’s pronounced “ba” in Chinese and is similar to the Chinese word “fa,” which means prosperous), this comes as no surprise to real estate insiders who frequently

Warhols and Other Fine Art Has Emerging Role in Luxury Real Estate

The benefit goes both ways: Art deals also get made as properties are sold A house—with art in it—is a home. Or at least it can appear to be, as developers on the luxury market have found. Top-tier furnishings and interior design have long been used to sell properties, but now developers and brokers often

Hollywood’s Newest Home Trend: Safe Rooms

"Safe room have become an important luxury 'checklist' item for high-end sales and a more common request in the past five years," says Peter Maurice, estates director for Rodeo Realty in Beverly Hills. Mark Zuckerberg reportedly is building a stand-alone one on his Palo Alto, Calif., compound, and the L.A. Clippers' DeAndre Jordan has one with

High End Homes in Bel Air

Elon Musk Picks Up Fifth Multi-Million Dollar Property in Bel Air PRICE: $24,250,000 Visionary inventor and high-tech serial entrepreneur Elon Musk has big sci-fi dreams to one day colonize Mars. But for now, at least, the SpaceX founder and CEO and Tesla Motors co-founder and CEO will have to content himself with the private colonization of a

New Hot Properties by LA Times- Hilton & Hyland Tops the List

There seems to be a more expensive sale or listing to report every week. This one takes us to familiar turf — the onetime home of famed TV and film producer Aaron Spelling and his wife, Candy, in the Westside neighborhood of Holmby Hills. The $200-million price tag puts it atop the crop of luxury

This new mega-mansion subdivision in LA is for people too rich for plain old mansions

Los Angeles looks lush from above: A leafy canyon checkered with faux Tuscan villas, the retro pink boxes of Hotel Bel-Air, the Pacific Ocean and Catalina Island in the distance. This will be the daily view for residents of Park Bel Air, a new 11-acre subdivision under construction in one of L.A.’s most exclusive neighborhoods.

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Megamansion with $500 Million Price Tag Going Up in Bel Air

There's a new megamansion going up in Bel Air with an asking price of $500 million. You heard that right. $500 million. Los Angeles-based film producer and speculative developer Nile Niami confirmed the asking price to Bloomberg this week. If sold at that price, it would shatter the record of highest-priced home in the U.S.,

Liongate Sells for $50 Million!

Liongate, the former Bel Air estate of Kenny Rogers that underwent a massive renovation and expansion, has sold for $50 million to an undisclosed buyer. Listing agent Mia Trudeau announced the sale on Friday. Liongate was put on the market in December upon the completion of its expansion, which included the addition of a guest

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