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Los Angeles Enters the Era of the ‘Gigamansion,’ ABC News

Lionsgate Move over mega-mansions, Los Angeles has entered the age of the gigantic mansion. Known as “giga-mansions,” these vast homes—which can be upwards of 50,000 square-feet of more—have been rising up in L.A's toniest areas the last couple years and it's a trend that shows no signs of slowing. In fact, the construction [...]

Home Automation Set to Reach New Heights

The Wall Street Journal recently looked at the giant strides that have been made in home automation, noting that by 2020 more than half of all homes will have “substantial” automation. The last couple of years has seen tremendous growth in homes with some type of automatic features, though it has been mostly limited to [...]

Famed Bel Air Estate Liongate Now Available for Viewing

Liongate The historic Liongate Estate in Bel Air, which for the past four years underwent a massive renovation and expansion, is now available for viewing in all its newfound glory to qualified buyers. The asking price is $65 million. The final touches of the massive project were completed in December with the erection [...]

Most Expensive Home in Beverly Hills Sold for $70 Million

You may have heard of the Beverly Hills' megamansion that built on spec and was listed for $85 million. Well we have a buyer. According to Curbed Los Angeles, the insane estate was purchased for $70 million by Markus Persson, the creator of Minecraft. Persson reportedly bested Jay-Z and Beyonce in the bidding. It's a [...]

Luxury Homes Continue to Outperform Overall Housing Market in L.A.

Luxury home sales in the U.S. continue to far outpace the overall housing market, a new report from Redfin has found. According to the study, luxury sales increased by 9% during the third quarter of the year while the total market actually declined by 1.9%. The luxury housing market around the country—and particularly here in [...]

Report: First-Time Home Buyers Have Plenty of Reasons to Buy Now

The number of first-time home buyers in the U.S. remains frustratingly low. Rising home prices and interest rates inching upwards have left many feeling they are priced out of the market. Not so fast. Over at Yahoo! Homes, they shared some market perspective and provided five good reasons it would be smart for someone to [...]

Report: International Buyers Increasingly Turning to Urban Areas

There was a time when international real estate buyers would mostly look for vacation homes in resort-type cities when house-shopping abroad. New data from reveals that is no longer the case. Today, international buyers are increasingly turning to homes in urban areas like Miami, Los Angeles and New York, Trulia reports. This is especially [...]

Curated, Lavish Gardens Gain in Prominence Among Luxury Home Owners

Lavish gardens are the new “in” thing for luxury home owners in urban centers, according to a recent report from Wall St. Journal. These custom-made gardens are often as carefully curated, and expensive, as art collections. To give you an idea on the growing prevalence of urban gardens at luxury homes, one study found planted [...]

Comparatively Speaking, U.S. Luxury Real Estate is a Bargain

Is luxury real estate in the U.S. really a bargain? The answer appears to be a resounding yes, at least when compared to other countries. A new report has found that of the 10 most expensive cities in the world when it comes to real estate, the only one to make the list from the [...]

The Beverly House Back on the Market for $135 Million

The Beverly House Local media outlets have reported The Beverly House, once owned by William Randolph Hearst and later featured in “The Godfather,” has been put back on the market with an asking price of $135 million. It is the highest-priced residence for sale in California, according to listing agency Hilton & Hyland. [...]