West Hollywood

Star Broker or Not? Decision Comes Down to Deciding Who Can Get the Job Done

In luxury real estate, any type of branding, from the name of the building to the attached star architect, developer or designer, can add value and help drive sales. But what’s the impact of a star broker when it comes to buying or selling a property? That depends on how the broker made a name for him or herself,

Compass broker Tomer Fridman to star in new Kardashian real estate show

Real estate agent to the stars Tomer Fridman and Scott Disick of “Keeping up with the Kardashian” fame are partnering up to star in a reality show centered around house flipping. The show is tentatively being called “Royally Flipped” and the pilot is already in the works, featuring homes in Malibu and the San Fernando

West Hollywood is Los Angeles’s Shabby Chic Neighborhood

Liberal, stylish and at times hedonistic, West Hollywood is famous for its all-night entertainment, youthful culture, beautiful people and palm tree-lined streets with views of the iconic Hollywood sign. The boundaries Situated in the heart of Los Angeles County, West Hollywood (or WeHo as it’s called) is between Beverly Hills and East Hollywood, and it

Meet the Millennial Marketing LA’s Luxury Mansions Like Hollywood Movies

The luxury real estate market in Los Angeles ranks as one of the most fiercely competitive in the world, with firms large and small all vying for top listings in coveted locations. Yet real estate developers looking to get the word out about a glossy new home listing or gleaming condo tower are increasingly turning to one

What Millennials Want: Homes Designed for Connection and Convenience

Onsite co-working spaces boasting coffee bars and Mac computers. Branded bikes, toy sailboats and takeaway picnic baskets, meant to be enjoyed on a Central Park outing. Access to a fun-filled courtyard, with ping-pong tables, fire pits and an adult treehouse. These are just some of the amenities that new luxury condominium and high-end rental buildings in major

It’s in the Numbers: Luck and Superstition Sell Luxury Real Estate

  Last week, a Chinese developer bought an office building in Sydney’s Central Business District for an auspicious price: A$88,888,888. Because the number 8 is considered lucky in Chinese culture (it’s pronounced “ba” in Chinese and is similar to the Chinese word “fa,” which means prosperous), this comes as no surprise to real estate insiders who frequently

Warhols and Other Fine Art Has Emerging Role in Luxury Real Estate

The benefit goes both ways: Art deals also get made as properties are sold A house—with art in it—is a home. Or at least it can appear to be, as developers on the luxury market have found. Top-tier furnishings and interior design have long been used to sell properties, but now developers and brokers often

Confidence Grows as New Home Sales Soared in October

New-home sales are finally starting to catch up with builders optimism, as the Commerce Department reported Monday the sale of newly-built, single-family shot up by 10.7 percent in October. On the year, new-home sales are running 15.7 percent ahead of 2014. In October, new-home sales rose to a seasonally-adjusted rate of 495,000 units. This is

Buying a Home in the Fall Has Advantages, But Be Prepared

Fall can be an ideal time to buy a home. As the weather cools, several built-in advantages come into play. For starters, there is simply less competition. People tend to pull back on house hunting this time of year, not wanting to battle the elements to view open houses and the like. Additionally, there tends

WeHo House of Blues To Make Way For Mixed-Use Development

The House of Blues in West Hollywood will be no more. The Los Angeles Business Journal is reporting the live music venue at 8430 Sunset Blvd. will cease operations the first week in August, and a new mixed-use project called Sunset Time will rise in its place. Sunset Time is being developed by Combined Properties