The trick is to make it chic, cozy and durable

The type of flooring you select lays the groundwork for the rest of your home.

“Flooring is one of the most important components in a house, no matter the budget,” said Los Angeles-based designer Cortney Novogratz of The Novogratz. “You should pay more attention to it and put more of your budget toward flooring than most other things; you’ll get your money back in the resale value.”

The first thing to focus on and consider is the overall look of the space, said Erica Millar of Erica Millar Design in New York. Is it rustic? Contemporary? Traditional? Whether you already have a vibe or are starting from scratch, your floors will set an immediate tone. And, you’ll likely want different types of flooring for different rooms in your home.

Don’t skimp on the details

“Inspirational designs can work harmoniously with the period of the building. For example, rather than using classic wood flooring, we used a herringbone contrast design in stone to outfit a home with old-world British heritage.

“Using a combination of different stones with metal inlays or semi-precious stones with interesting contrasting patterns are particularly beautiful in a bathroom and can elevate the feel. When working with stone or metal, it must be treated appropriately to make it waterproof. We also use atmospheric temperature controlling to regulate conditions which, in turn, improves durability.”

-Nicola Fontanella of Argent Design, based in London and Miami


Courtesy of: Mansion Global and Jennifer Tzeses