Mia Trudeau

Guiding your way home.

Mia Trudeau

Mia Trudeau has spent nearly two decades representing some of Los Angeles’ most pedigreed estates. With over 18 years of experience as the consummate buyer’s and seller’s agent, real estate comes second nature for her. Mia offers her clients advantages on remodeling costs, needs, and designs as the co-founder of the store, Plank & Stone, specializing in streamlining the home remodeling process. Representing the highest of standards, Mia’s unrivaled market knowledge, integrity and infectious passion has made her a true force in luxury real estate today.

Born with the real estate gene, Mia was raised in a family that dedicated their lives to residential property development.

Having traveled the world extensively during her career in the fashion industry, living in seven different countries and becoming fluent in French along the way, Mia upholds a virtuous international reputation that passionately applies her global perspective to all of her endeavors. Her worldly experiences have manifested a globally eclectic array of tastes that bolster her status among Los Angeles’ experts from design, to architecture, and to overall aesthetic.

As a best-in-class agent, negotiator, and expert in her field, Mia is immersed daily in Beverly Hills, the pulse of global luxury and a highly attractive destination for wealthy buyers. Trudeau’s discretion with clients, coupled with her unparalleled ability to converge knowledge of the area’s architecture and history, not only makes her a tremendous asset, but is reflected in her prolific transaction history. Most notably, she sold the esteemed Liongate Estate, the pinnacle of modern luxury real estate.

Mia’s exceptional professionalism and ability to remain constantly ahead of emerging trends results in the best practices for the most well-educated client base while confidently negotiating complex transactions.