Santa Monica

Santa Monica truly does offer something for everyone. There are various Santa Monica activities, from surfing and volleyball along the beautiful pacific coast and expansive shoreline and beaches to famous restaurants, nightlife, shopping and more. Walk the majestic palisades and enjoy incredible vistas of Palos Verdes Peninsula to the south, Malibu to the north, and endless horizon of blue seas and skies in between.

The various districts in Santa Monica’s 8.3 square miles encompass rich history and art museums, movie theatres, lawn bowling, and tennis at Reed Park. Pedestrian only 3rd Street has become a popular place for shopping, dining and soaking up the sun and scene.

The contrast of classic residences and mansions to world famous television and film production companies are found along the streets of Santa Monica. The Pier hosts rides, food and family fun, and summer concerts all providing an enchanted place for residents and visitors alike.

So what are Santa Monica’s Top 10 Activities?

1. Beach Volleyball
2. Surf
3. Yoga in the Palisades
4. Rollerblading on the Boardwalk
5. Biking on the Boardwalk
6. Flipping an Ollie at the Skate Park
7. Tennis
8. Anneberg Community Pool
9. Softball
10. Bocce Ball

After engaging in a variety of activities it will be time to check out the Top 10 Eats:

1. Melisse
2. Huckleberty
3. Sam’s by The Beach
4. Father’s Office
5. JiRaffe
6. Josie
7. Nawab of India
8. Bay Cities Deli
9. La Botte
10. Louise’s Trattoria

Santa Monica Homes For Sale

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